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About Japan

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Once upon the time there was an old bamboo cutter. 今となっては昔竹を取りの翁がいました。 The name of the bamboo cutter was Sakaki no Miyatsuko. 竹取の名前はさかきのみやつこでした。 One day the old man found a tiny, sweet girl in a stalk of bamboo. ある日翁は竹の中三寸ぐらいとても可愛らしい少女を見つけた。 The old couple raised her and gave the name Kaguyahime to the girl. 老夫婦はこの子を育ち女の子にかぐや姫というなを付けた。 This is the beginning of the famous, more than 1000 year old Japanese folk tale of the bamboo cutter. 竹取物語The little girl grows into a young lady of extraordinary beauty and it turns out that she is a princes, but not from this world and that is probably why in contrast to the princesses in western fairy tales […]

The Japanese script isn’t difficult, just turn the one1 from its vertical position to a horizontal one and you get the character for the number one 一, add one more stroke and there is the two 二, plus one and we are at three 三. From the number four四it gets a bit more complex, that’s why we leave it at that, this is just to show that there are Chinese characters for numbers. The Chinese characters originated more than 3000 years ago as pictograms that means depictions of material phenomenon. 火stands for fire and山for mountain. If you combine the two 火山you get a fire-mountain or volcano.木represents a tree and thus […]