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Kyoto Hiking

FireShot capture #080 - 'ページを編集 ‹ ドイツリンク京都 Doitsu Link Kyoto — WordPress' - www_doitsulink_com_wp-admin_page_php_action=edit&post=1908&message=1„Walking and Talking in Kyoto“ is the slogan under which we want to bring lokals and foreigners together to explore the remote places of this Far Eastern Marvel Kyoto. So if you would like to get to know this city off the beaten track, exercise, meet new people or practice your language skills, Doitsu Link Hiking Tours is what you are looking for. The tours are open to Japanese and foreigners alike. End of March, Beginning April is the cherry blossom season and so the best time to visit Kyoto. Your guide has a masters degree in Japanese studies, 25 years experience as guide plus 17 years of residence in Kyoto.

Participation Fee 2500 yen (Entrance and Transportation fees not incl.)

Insurance: No insurance is provided in case of accident.

Equipment: We often use mountain trails, so good shoes and clothing according to the weather is necessary. Also you need to be in reasonable shape to climb the hills.

Cancelation: Only if there is heavy rain.

Food and drink: Pls. bring your own food and drinks for the lunch break.

Participation: Please make a reservation by Mail. Participation is possible on a daily basis. Entrance fees will be collected together with the participation fee.

From the meeting place a short train ride brings us to the Biwako canal which we follow to Bishamondo, famous for its colourful Bishamondoautumn foliage. After viewing the surroundings of the temple we take the subway to Daigoji, a Unesco world heritage site. We will visit the temple precinct and afterwards hike to Zuishinin. This tempel has a beautifull garden, but there will also be a miss contest in honour of Ononokomachi, a Okonokomachifamous beauty in Japanese history. You can see colourful kimonos with a beautiful garden in the background. from there we take the subway back to Kyoto.  Or you can enjoy beer and German food at Doitsu Link Restaurant.

Date: 2015.11.23

Meeting Place: In front of the wickets of Yamashina JR station. Yamashina subway station is just on the opposite side.

4From our meeting point at Keihan Fushimi Inari Station we walk through the rows of shrine gates to the top of Fushimi Inari Shrine. From there we hike along the Kyoto Trail towards Sennyuji Tempel. After visiting the tempel we continue towards Kyomizu Tempel . After visiting the tempel, there is time for a stroll through the picturesque 56-1old town. Todays Hike ends at Maruyama Koen.

Date: 05/24/2015, 9:30

Meeting Point: Fushimi Inari station of the Keihan Line in front of the wickets.


We will start from Demachiyanagi station and take the train to Ichijoji in the northeastern part of Kyoto. We visit Manshuin Tempel and hike to the top of Mt. Hiei. On the top we walk around the the 3 tempel precincts of Enryakuji the religious Center of the Buddhist Tendai school (World heritage site). On the way we will also walk P1000541along the trails of the famous marathon monks and we will look down on Lake Biwa. This is also a last chance to see the cherry blossoms. Late in the afternoon we return to Kyoto by bus. If you don`twant to walk all the way you can use the cable car to the top.         

Meeting Ponit:Demachiyanagi Station in front of Eizan Densha Train

Time : 4/26 (Sun) 2015, 9:30