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About us

Peter Link

Our Name „Doitsulink“ consists of two components, “Doitsu” the Japanese term for Germany and “Link”, my surname.
From 1997 on, Kyoto has become the place of my permanent residence. Through my Master degree in Japanese studies and a 3 year sojourn in a Japanese Zen Monastery I got to know the inner workings of Japanese Culture. I have extensive experience as a tour guide for study excursions and teacher of German at several universities and at my own school. In addition to that I try to introduce various aspects of German culture and establish a platform for mutual exchange. In this regard “Doitsulink” can also be interpreted as a „Link“ or connection between Japan and Germany. This is symbolized through our Logo which represents the Japanese Flying Koi in the German national colors.

Hiroko Link

Hallo, my name is Hiroko Link. For me intercultural exchange always begins with the cuisine of the related country. For 28 years I was running the Bar and Restaurant “Zappa” in Kyoto. Before getting married I often went to Bali and asked the local women there to introduce me to their cuisine, which I reproduced in my restaurant. After my marriage with Peter I extended my spectrum to German style Cuisine. Again I put emphasis on authenticity and looked Peter’s mother over the shoulder.
In our new restaurant in the ground floor of our house, we try to merge these different currents and offer a variety of different dishes. Hope to see you soon.