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German Event

Doitsu Link Beer Garden


German Erdinger Weizen (wheat) beer on tap

Pint glass (500ml) is 850 Yen, small glass (330ml) 600 Yen. In addition, we offer various other German beers, Erdinger weizen alcohol-free beer and soft drinks. Tax is included.






Opening hours and location:

The beer garden is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is located next to our „Sakura Sari“ restaurant in a narrow alley that leads south from Higashi Ichijo Dori next to the Family Mart. In the beer garden, a large fan with spray function provides cooling. It is possible to sit in the air-conditioned restaurant even after 6:00 p.m. (prices vary however). If no one is in the restaurant, please ring the bell. http://www.doitsulink.com/japanese/access/

German dishes and Spätzle house:

We offer various German dishes such as Nuremberg sausages with homemade potato salad. Spätzle is a homemade short pasta, which we offer in different variations, e.g. with sauerkraut and sausages,  with lentil stew or in a vegetarian version with cheese. We also have other regional German dishes. We are confident that our dishes will set us apart from other beer restaurants.


Upon request it is possible  to to do your own barbecue. We offer a BBQ set for 1500 yen per person, which includes various sausages, meat, potato salad and baguette. We provide grill and charcoal. Please make a reservation for BBQ

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Xmas Party&Concert クリスマスパーティ 12.24.2017


video Doitsulink Xmas diner concert

Xmas Party 2017

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German・Spanisch festival 2017


Flyer B5Flyer Spain German spain Festa 2017 HD

B5Flyer Spain German spain Festa 2017

B5Flyer 2 Spain German spain Festa 2017

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Octoberfest Mai 2017春ビール祭り


FlyerチラシOktoberfest 2017 May.

Oktoberfest 2017 May. 1Oktoberfest 2017 May. 2

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Spanish, German festa 2016.05.08


A very unique and entertaining event. Original Spanish and German food & drinks and a great variety of music from classic opera and guitar to Spanish and German folk tunes. ドイツとスペインのコラボレーションイヴェントです。オクトーバーフェストとフィエスタ、ドイツとスペインの郷土料理とドリンク。とても楽しいイベントで す。B5Flyer Spring Festa

B5Flyer Spring FestaB5Flyer Spring Festa 2

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