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Hiking to Mt Hiei,26 April 2015

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We will start from Demachiyanagi station and take the train to Ichijoji in the northeastern part of Kyoto. We visit Manshuin Tempel and hike to the top of Mt. Hiei. On the top we walk around the the 3 tempel precincts of Enryakuji the religious Center of the Buddhist Tendai school (World heritage site). On the way we will also walk P1000541along the trails of the famous marathon monks and we will look down on Lake Biwa. This is also a last chance to see the cherry blossoms. Late in the afternoon we return to Kyoto by bus. If you don`twant to walk all the way you can use the cable car to the top.         

Meeting Ponit:Demachiyanagi Station in front of Eizan Densha Train

Time : 4/26 (Sun) 2015, 9:30

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